Playview APK for Android Download | APK version 8.3

Now a day’s watching movies on smartphone had increased a lot and to make life easier lot’s of developer had started developing an Android App which accumulates all of the movies at one place, making it much easier to watch without storing it on our devices. There are many apps, but recently I had tested Playview App and found it’s truly awesome with simple and sleek interference making it much easier to use, based on that out today’s guide is on Playview APK Download for Android smartphones.

I don’t know why but all of this Movie apps are not finding it’s way to Google play store, due to which all movie lovers are required to setup the installation of Playview APK app manually. Not so hard, but required sometimes say for me it took approximately 3 minutes, With my Step by step instruction on Play view Apk download am sure you are going to be pretty fast.

Playview apk download
!!Beware!! Before writing Playview for Android tutorial, I thought to get some research done. Amazingly most of the sites out there are not providing the updated Playview APK 8.3 version, which indirectly compromises with users smartphone security – Any Playview App version below 8.3 are outdated and you should not download it as of May 23rd, 2016. Not much to say let’s move on to the feature list following with Play view app download for Android.

Playview  APK Features – (Play view APK 2016 for Android)

Playview App

  • Registration is pretty easy; you have total of four option (Email, Google, Twitter, FB)
  • Manually adjust the Buffer data for Fast or slow buffering.
  • Multiple languages to select.
  • Featuring movies for all age and mood from Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, family, Fantasy, Historic, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-fi, Series, Anime, Thriller, nothing left anymore.
  • Providing ten plus servers so watching movies on Playview app are never gonna be slow.
  • Option to play the video within playview app or with your another favorite video player. (I use in-built video player of my phone)
  • Brightness was very low – but within video screen, it can be increased via setting.
  • Option to lock the screen, to avoid unnecessary interruption while watching movie.
  • All Movies are of HD Quality.

Play view App APK Download for Android – Step by Step Guide.

  1. Download the Playview APK 8.3 from here.
  2. Go to file manager on your phone and look for Play View App.
  3. And click on install – let finish the installation.
  4. Use FB, Google, Twitter for fast signup or go through the email signup option.
  5. That’s it launch the playview app from your mobile phone dock and enjoy.

WOW!!! Wasn’t it a quick guide to downloading and install Playview APK for Android as promised, I would like to let you know that never forget to keep your Mobile Data off or close the app completely when it is not in use to avoid unnecessary data loss, or use your Wi-Fi recommended. Video tutorials provided above might come in handy for those who had trouble in understanding the written guide; that’s it friends if you still have any issue you can comment on Youtube Video or below. I’ll try my best to get it solved if it’s within my control and doesn’t forget to like and share on any of your favorite social media keep visiting Playview app Blog.